Transition Target Finder

This online tool allows you to search the database described in Holdship & Viti 2021. This is a list of species transitions and ratios which are particularly informative about a given physical parameter and are insensitive to chemical history of the gas making them ideal probes of physical conditions. Holdship & Viti 2021 gives a full explanation and an overview of the best transitions to observe but this tool will allow you to find the most informative species considering any observational limitations such as bandwidth or possible frequency ranges.

Form Inputs

Minimum Frequency
Minimum transition frequency in GHz
Maximum Frequency
Minimum transition frequency in GHz
Frequency Difference
Maximum difference between frequencies of transitions in a ratio in GHz
Target Parameter
Physical parameter you would like to measure.

Form Outputs

Transitions to observe given as a species name and the frequency of the transition in GHz. Ratios are given as two transitions seperated by a /
Mutual information score between the feature and the target parameter. The larger this is, the more useful the transition.